Family Adventure Travel

I have more fun spending time with my family than anyone else. And some of our very best bonding times are when we take the family out on an adventure. Yosemite National Park and its surrounding area provides a variety of activities for us to choose from.

Inside this California National Park we can hike, fish, float the Merced River, horseback ride, take long walks through meadows and sit at the top or the base of any number of waterfalls. Within two hours outside of Yosemite anyone can go white water rafting, pan for gold, ride and old fashioned steam train, zip line, go boating, water skiing, rent jet skis or relax under a hug shade tree.

This summer we have taken the kids twice to Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park. Each time we have gone at night. For years we have visited Glacier Point, but left as soon as we saw the sun set. But this year, we arrived at sunset and stayed till well after midnight. We have watched meteor showers, shooting stars and starred in awe of the milky way. Its been a night time adventure that we just haven't appreciated until this year.

Traveling with our kids to see the different sites that the state of California has to offer is always an adventure. Traveling builds memories. It is a way to educate children about where they live, life and the different opportunities that surround them. Being away from home, the computer, the telephone and the business that this life brings allows for real teachable moments.

I encourage your to find the time to take your family fishing in a stream, dare to try something new like zip lining or spend the night in a tree house. (Yes, there are tree house parks!) The kids grow up to fast and having regrets is no fun. Adventure is all around you, no matter where you live. With 58 US National Parks, the odds are pretty good that you don't live more than a days drive from at least one of them!

Skip rocks on a lake. Walk along a fallen tree. Explore a cave. Climb a waterfall. Rent a kayak and go down a river. Adventures can be relaxing or exhilarating. All that is required is a good attitude and a willingness to try something new. A day spent outdoors offer many great benefits.

Getting outdoors and experiencing nature is fun for just about everyone. The rewards of planning a short getaway are great. It can be difficult to work around schedules and finances but when you stop making promises and just do it, I doubt you'll have any regrets.

Long car rides with scenic coastal views is a memorable way to spend a day with those you care about. A whale watching boat ride for just a couple of hours can lighten up just about anyone's outlook on life. Building a sandcastle on the beach with the family and ending the day by throwing a Frisbee to each other is something that all families can do together. Adventures can be had for very little money. Family memories come to those who take the time to spend time together.

After an adventure, you'll laugh at the things that went wrong and you'll smile at the things that moved you. Sometimes it is just as much fun as planning the outing as it is doing an activity together. Anticipation can be a good thing! Spending time with your family outdoors is one of the things that you'll never regret doing if you just take the time to do it.