Travel Tips For People With Chronic Back Pain

Travel can be stressful for anyone, but it is extra stressful for those with chronic back pain. Whether by car, bus, train or plane, prolonged sitting is the hallmark of long-distance travel. For people with back pain, this often means increased pain.

There are steps travelers can take to reduce the negative impacts that travel has on their backs. Consider the following list of tips to bring the merry back into this holiday season.

Find Ways To Move: Inactivity leads to stiff muscles and joints. Motion is needed to get blood pumping through your tissues. Those who drive their own vehicle while traveling have the advantage of being able to take several breaks to stretch and move around. People using trains and buses are more limited, but can take advantage of stops. Plane travelers find themselves at the most disadvantage in this area.

It may feel odd, but it is possible to stretch while on a plane. Be courteous of fellow passengers and flight staff. You can ask staff if you may walk up and down the aisle between snack services, and ask your seat neighbor if he or she minds if you do some light stretching. Seat stretches are non-invasive by nature, so it is unlikely anyone would object. See the link at the bottom of this page for examples of stretches to do on a plane.

Make Use of Seating Aides: No matter what kind of dreadful seat you're given, you can make use of inexpensive ergonomic seating aides to maximize comfort. Foot rests are handy for people who won't have the option to adjust seat height. Dangling feet leave the job of supporting the legs to the lower back, pelvis and thighs, causing strain on muscles and joints.

Lumbar support cushions are available for people who have a hard time maintaining their lumbar curve while sitting. This is a common problem, especially for people with weak cores. The cushion will help to maintain natural spinal curvature, which takes pressure off of muscles and discs.

Cushions can be of great assistance to people with sciatica. Sitting can exacerbate sciatica pain because it causes further compression of the nerve. A cushion can limit the pressure placed on the buttocks.

Sitting Posture: Proper posture is important for everyone, but is of key importance to people traveling with disc-related back pain like sciatica. While lumbar cushions and foot rests may be enough to relieve back pain for some people, those with sciatica should consider another seat feature: reclining.

A study by Canadian and Scottish researchers assessed the MRI results of the effects various sitting angles have on spinal discs. A 135 degree angle between the thighs and the upper body was found to place the least amount of stress on the discs of the spine. Sciatica and other nerve problems are often caused by disc herniation and bulging, therefore reclining slightly backward is optimal. This may not be possible while driving your own vehicle; if you have a fellow passenger, switch on and off and recline in the passenger's seat. Note: While reclining, it is important to avoid craning your neck forward. A neck cushion could help you to maintain your natural cervical spine curve.

More on the above study can be viewed at See for ideas on stretching on a plane.

Take the doom and gloom out of holiday travel this season by getting educated on the ways in which you can alleviate back pain during your trip. Attention to your bodily needs and a little help from ergonomics may be all you need to travel comfortably.

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Important Travel Tips to Enrich Your Nairobi Holidays

Nairobi is a striking Kenyan city which tempts many tourists to book cheap tickets on flights to the region. The city boasts a splendid variety of wildlife and natural wonders. The travellers crave for Nairobi holidays to be a part of this magnificent city. It is best to be fully prepared when it comes holidays in the city. Various factors like hotels and safety must be taken care of. Follow some important travel tips to make your holidays in Nairobi unforgettable.

Ensure Your Safety

Nairobi is not exactly the safest place on the earth. There have been frequent reports of robbery and theft cases in the region. Foreign tourists are undoubtedly most at risk, however proper caution and basic safety measures will ensure that you have a trouble-free holiday in the city. One must not encourage interaction with strangers. Avoid wearing valuable ornaments and carrying huge amount of cash to shun the chances of robberies. There are some areas in the city which are considered as unsafe and must be avoided especially during night time.

Choose Safe Accommodation

After you have booked air tickets to Nairobi, you can make reservations in good recognized hotels as they guarantee safety of the guests and their belongings. Certain cheap hotels in the Nairobi may not be safe for tourists and must be avoided. If you are landing at the airport at odd hours, it is best to opt for a certified taxi. Walking alone at night is highly prohibited. If you have no choice other than to walk, then stay in groups or hire a night guard to guide you on the way.

Put small locks on your baggage. This deters thieves from digging through your luggage. For carrying the valuables, the best means is to carry money belts or pouches around your neck or waist.

Health Safety

Heath safety is one major concern of the travellers booking cheap tickets to Nairobi. This safari hub of Kenya is known for massive epidemics of yellow fever, cholera, and typhoid. One should avoid eating sea food and junk food from the local markets and stalls. Shun the use of tap water and rely only on bottled mineral water to keep away from water borne diseases. The travellers can also get themselves vaccinated for such diseases before travelling to Nairobi.

If you are visiting the wildlife parks and other bushy areas in the city such as Nairobi National Park and National Museum, prefer wearing full sleeves clothes and keep a mosquito repellent handy to prevent yourself form the threat of malaria.

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Business Travel Tips You Should Pay Attention To

As business becomes more and more popular through tools like the internet, and as business people are more able to work remotely, we are only going to see an increase in the number of people who travel overseas for business, or at least keep in touch with their own business back home whilst they are travelling. The purpose of this article is to share with business entrepreneurs six great tips they should pay attention to. Following these tips will make your travel easier, and help reduce any hassles that you may have.

Sign up for frequent flyer rewards and hotel points programs- If you are travelling regularly, you need to sign up for a frequent flyer program and try to fly with the same airline. There may sometimes be cheaper deals out there but if you travel regularly the frequent flyer points you redeem become more valuable as you can exchange them for further free flights down the track. The same goes for hotel accommodation. Look for an international chain with a rewards program and try to stick to that chain, no matter where you are traveling to in the world.

Get a smart phone with WiFI Access- Most major metropolises throughout the world are littered with free WiFI networks. Do yourself a favour and get a smart phone that has WiFI access so you can check your emails regularly whilst you are travelling- you might be sitting at a Starbucks or ordering at McDonalds. This means that you can avoid exorbitant roaming charges for data.

Buy a global roaming SIM card- You shouldn't use your home mobile phone when travelling as roaming charges are huge. You will also pay to receive calls. It's a huge rort. You should instead use a global roaming SIM card. Outgoing call rates will be a fraction of the cost of what you would have spent with your home phone and you will not have to pay to receive calls in many countries.

Buy a tablet device or a Kindle- Reading a book is often a great way to pass time when you are on a long haul flight. The problem with many books though is that they are bulky. Do yourself a favour and get a tablet device or at the very least, an eBook reader like the Kindle. The reason I would more likely recommend the tablet device (think iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab) is that you can also play games or video and music files as well as read eBooks.

Buy toiletries when you get to where you are travelling- Don't pack toiletries in your bag as there is nothing worse than shaving cream or moisturizer exploding and making a mess of your clothes. Buy it when you get there or use the toiletries supplied by your hotel.

Pack light- People pack too much when they travel. Don't fall in to this trap. Pack light because chances are you'll only actually need a fraction of what you do pack or, if you really need something, you can buy it when you get to where you are travelling.

These are 6 business travel tips that you should pay attention to. If you travel regularly, following these tips is bound to make your life easier.

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Budget Travel Tips to Krabi

As much as we all love to travel, we also love to save as much money as we can while on the go. Be it on shopping, dining or even tours, saving money during a holiday is considerably a hard thing to do. Especially if you come from a more affluent country such as the West, because you tend to think everything is cheap even when it is not considered so in a local context.

Krabi, Thailand, is a hot tourist destination due to its cheap food, lodging and available tours. Apart from Krabi, there are also a number of popular holiday destinations in Thailand such as Phuket, Phi Phi, Surat Thani, Lanta, Pang Nga and Trang. These few places are constantly packed with travelers from all over the world. So how do you save your money and still get the best out of your vacation in Thailand?

Eat the Local Way
A fancy restaurant does not necessarily guarantee the quality of food. Head over to where the locals eat. Following the rule of thumb, if there is a crowd in a particular food house, then the food there should be good. After all, the locals know best.

Bargain, Bargain Bargain!
The locals can spot a foreigner easily especially if you are not of Asian descent. It's also very common for them to try their luck and jack up their sales price when they see a potential tourist-customer. So do not be deceived and put your bargaining skills to test. Never settle for the first price they offer you - always try to reduce or pretend to walk away if they refuse because it's very likely that they will call for you with a price that is way lower than the first one. But of course, you also have to be reasonable in the price you quote.

Go During Off-Season
If you visit Thailand between Jan and May or July to Nov, chances are you will get a free upgrade to bigger rooms without having to top up. Sometimes, hotel rooms are also cheaper than stated.

Walk or Rent a Bike
Forget taxis! If the place is near, then just walk there instead of flagging a cab. The streets of Krabi and Phuket are always filled with shops so it is not really a lonely and boring walk. Otherwise, rent a bike. Renting a bike is very common in Thailand and cheap too. You can check with your resort's front desk if they have any motorbike rental services. If they do not, then just walk out and you will definitely see at least one motorbike rental shop out there.

Make Friends with the Locals
You will be surprised at how willing the Thai locals are to share with you good places to eat, shop and stay. If you are lucky, they may even invite you for dinner and maybe stay over at their own house!

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Top Travel Tips For Tanzania Safari

Are you going on a Tanzania safari tour? You're in luck because this is one of the most interesting places you could visit in Africa. However, you wouldn't want to go out there unarmed. Make sure you read the best travel tips about Tanzania safari first.

For one, if you're going there to photograph the best views of the wildlife, you should know that the best lighting is during the morning and the afternoon. Make sure you schedule your Tanzania safari tours during these times so you won't lose out on all the great sights. You should also get a Tanzania safari guide who has positioning expertise so you can drive up as close to the animals as possible without risking your safety.

If you're photographing people, don't take shots before asking for their permission. Some tribes find this very offensive, especially the Maasai. You will be given time to take photographs of natives during the tour, although you might be asked to pay a certain fee for this privilege.

Are you interested in the variety of wildlife in Tanzania? Then you should hire a guide who's an expert in this. A lot of Tanzanians are, but you want to look for a team you can trust with your life. Bring a good pair of binoculars and let these guides lead your Tanzania safari tour. They're not only good at telling you about the culture of Tanzanian tribes and the habits of these animals. They're also pretty good at spotting wild animals which you won't be able to see if you were alone and just looking through your binoculars.

There are a lot of accommodations available in Tanzania. During your safari tour, you can ask to stay in lodges, permanent tents, or mobile tents. While some of the lodges offer top accommodations, you should still bring health necessities. Make a list of your medicines and make sure you didn't leave them behind. You should also bring medication against malaria and diarrhea. The animals in the Tanzania aren't the only ones that run wild. You should also protect yourself from insect bites by wearing a strong repellent. The sun's also harsh, especially at noon, so don't forget your sunscreen.

You won't go hungry on your safari trip because most travelers find the native food pleasing. There are also lodges that offer western meals, so you'll feel right at home. Just watch out for the temperatures because they range from 50 degrees to 80 degrees C, depending on what time of the day it is. If you really want to see a lot of action during your Tanzania safari, go there during the dry season because it's when most animals come out to hunt for food.

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