Diabetes Travel Tips - Because There Is No Need To Let Your Diabetes Stop You From Travelling

You just need to plan your travels accordingly. These diabetes travel tips will aid your travel preparation.

Pack Twice As Much As You Expect To Need

Pack twice as much insulin and other diabetic travel supplies as you expect to need while travelling. This is important in the event of any travel delays, or if some of your supplies were lost or stolen.

Changes in routine, like going on a holiday, can also give you slightly higher glucose reading, hence the need for extra supply. Furthermore, insulin may be absorbed faster in warmer climates.

This is also the reason why you should not forget to pack facilities to test your blood sugar (even if you have an established insulin regimen).

Avoid Exposure To Extreme Temperatures

Exposure to extreme temperatures can damage your insulin. This is why you should always carry your diabetes medical supply in hand luggage when flying. The extreme cold temperatures in the hold of an airplane can cause insulin to freeze.

Extreme heat can also damage your insulin supplies so if you are going on a long hot car journey, or travelling in hot climate, you might need to use insulin cooler or cooling case wallet to keep your insulin safe.

Flying With Diabetes

In order to take your diabetes medical supply on board the plane you will need a letter from your doctor explaining clearly the necessity.

Have your diabetes medical supply easily accessible and pack your insulin in clear plastic bag to speed up when going through airport security.

Emergency Diabetic Medical Supplies

If you are travelling with other people, let them carry part of your diabetes medical supplies, so if one bag is lost or stolen you will not lose all your vital diabetic supplies.

If you are travelling on your own then store some emergency supply separately, e.g. in small insulin cooling case wallet kept in your pocket.

Do Not Forget To Look After Your Diet

All diabetics know how important it is to eat healthy and balanced diet at regular intervals. This can though proof some challenge when travelling. Make sure you have enough suitable snacks available to cover any delays or disruptions in your normal diet.

Make Copies Of All Your Important Documents

Make copies of all your travel documents and store them separately from your originals, also leave copy at home with a friend or family member.

Do not forget to copy the letter from your doctor, confirming that you need your liquid insulin and diabetic equipments on board an airplane. Also, make sure to pack a list of all your medication, it can extremely useful if you need to replace any medications while travelling.

Diabetes Identity Card

Wearing diabetes identity card or jewelry is always a good idea, whether you are travelling or not. So is carrying a simple first aid kit with you at all times.

Diabetic Travel Insurance

Every traveler should have travel insurance and diabetics are no exception. You must inform your insurance company about your diabetes and make sure their policy covers you adequately. Failure to declare your condition can result in your insurance policy being invalid, a risk not worth taking.

Your diabetic travel insurance should include cover for emergency transport home and recovery of charges if you need to replace any diabetics travel supplies while travelling.

We hope these diabetes travel tips will help you with your travel preparation and wish you safe and comfortable travels.

For more information, see Diabetic Travel Tips. You can also download and print our free Packing Checklists For Diabetics, to ensure you do not forget any vital diabetic travel supplies.

Asa Gislason and her husband are the founders of Top Travel Tips, travel website that offers comprehensive and unbiased travel advice that can save you both time and money when planning your next trip.